October 25, 2014

Pastry for Poodles

Today we are helping Parisian Chef-Maitre Fifi LeFay, an adorable French Poodle spread the word about her new cookbook...
It's the first in a series of 8 "gourmet" cookbooks written for dogs, by dogs. They are just not any dogs, they are celebrity dog chefs from The Chow TV Network.
Pastry for Poodles features 6 pawlicious recipes written from one dog to another, using "dog units of measure".

Perhaps you'd like to try your paw at Le Croissant...
We love how the measurements refer to a scoop of this and a swipe of that! BOL!

Maybe your tastebuds are a little more lavish for Cream Puffs & Eclairs...
The directions state that when you remove your paws, the dough shouldn't be too stiff and the oven should be pre-heated to: Real Hot! BOL!

This is a FUN cookbook that isn't written by nutritionists or vets. It's just written by dogs for dogs.

If you have a special poodle in your life, this would surely make a great gift that we know they'd get a kick out of!

You can purchase Pastry for Poodles on Amazon via paperback, Kindle or at createspace estore.

Finally, keep your eyes out for the rest of the fun series:

SPAGHETTI FOR SHEEPDOGS -- Chef Mona Lassie Buonarroti
TEX-MEX FOR TERRIERS -- Chef Terry Scraps
KUNG PAO FOR PEKINGESE -- Chef Suzie Snow Peas
SEAFOOD FOR SCHNAUZERS -- Barnacle Bill Barker
LEFTOVERS FOR LABS -- Chef Maggie Scroungehound
RISKY DISHES FOR RESCUE DOGS -- Howie "Homeboy" MacScruff

Disclaimer: We received an advanced copy of Pastry for Poodles , all thoughts and opinions are our own.

October 24, 2014

The Itsy Bitchy Spider

I recently won a Spider halloween costume from our bloggie pal, Addi from Angel Jazzi's blog and it arrived in the mail yesterday.

Now this package has my name on it...it's for me...it's mine, all mine.
For a moment, I did let Maggie help me put the giant spider stuffie on...
 But only for a minute...
Only for a minute did I let mom get a picture of me and my giant stuffie...
It was as if we were one...
It was then that I realized I had eight giant stuffie legs that I was not about to share...
Not even with Bruin...
It was then that I got my bitch on...
Mom thinks this costume should've came with a warning label. BOL! 

October 23, 2014

How to Freshen Your Dog's Bad Breath Without a Toothbrush

Raise your paw if you hate getting a toothbrush shoved in your mouth and down your throat!

I mean seriously, I've always said that if mom could pitch a tent in our mouths, she would!

Well, thanks to Mr. Chewy, we were recently introduced TropiClean Fresh Breath
TropiClean is a safe, natural additive for oral care that removes plaque and tartar and helps freshen breath for up to 12 hours with green tea extract.

It's quite simple to use, just pour a cap full into your dog's water each morning...
And let your dog take care of the rest...

Here are a few key benefits in using TropiClean:
  • Its easy to use
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Reduces risk of periodontal disease
  • No brushing required
  • All-natural formula with aloe and green tea

Miley doesn't even notice that we've added anything to her water nor has she had any tummy troubles as a result. We will definitely be adding this to our teeth-brushing routine.

Best of all when she comes over to sneak a big wet one on us she doesn't make our hair stand on end! 

Visit chewy.com if you'd like to give TropiClean a try!

Disclaimer: We received a bottle of TropClean for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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